Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chapter 6

Passion Flower

Not quite sure what was up with the whole Longoria thing, but I’ll let it rest for a more appropriate time.

If I would not have known any better, I would have thought my hand was not attached to my arm, but I could feel the numbness rising through my arm, so I knew it was the energy of her hand in mine that was causing the wonderful sensation.  She stayed close by my side when we exited the auditorium and headed to the parking lot.  We were shivering in the cool night air, laughing at each other when our teeth began to chatter.  As soon as we got to the Jeep I went around to the back and pulled out two sweatshirts, handing one to her that she immediately put on.  It was huge on her, but she seemed content to nestle herself in it after she buckled herself into the seat.  I put the heat on full blast and we both laughed at how pathetic it seemed since we lived in SoCal.

The lights of the dashboard basically blinded me and my heart dropped a bit when I saw it was already 1130pm.  “Are you hungry?” I decided to ask, despite knowing that she’d probably say no so that I could take her right home.

She smiled and chuckled a bit, “Um, yeah, actually I am.”

“Ice cream?”

“Only if it has hot fudge,” she giggled.

“I can take care of that.  We just need to stop by the store and pick up the ingredients.”

We walked into one of the quickie marts, raided the ice cream freezer and picked up a couple different toppings and off to my place we went.  Soon we were sitting down at my counter across from each other, chomping down on our creations.

“Is this on your diet?” she asked with a sly smile and a raised eyebrow.

“No, definitely not but considering I didn’t get to finish my sushi, I think I can splurge a little.  Either way I will get in an extra work-out to make up for it tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry,” she said sincerely with a mouthful of whip cream.  Before she could say anything more, I was leaning across the counter and swiping my thumb across the corner of her lips where some left over whip cream clung to her skin.  Without even thinking I popped my thumb in my mouth, cleaning off the sweet goodness.  She raised her eye brows with a little bit of surprise and giggled, “I think you need a junk food intervention.  Right there just proved you can’t handle it.”

I couldn’t help but snort at her.  I dropped my spoon into my empty ice cream bowl.  “You really are a funny person when you want to be, you know that?” I remarked as I got up to rinse out my bowl.

“Well, I usually don’t perform this side show around people that annoy me, but you did well this evening not to do that, so…” she said, walking over to hand me her bowl.

I set the bowls in the sink and turned towards her, trapping her against the counter.  “Like I said before, you make the wrong assumptions about me,” I said in a low, husky tone.

She looked up at me with the same doe eyes I had seen numerous times on Sofia as a smile slowly crept across her face.  “Oh no, I don’t think my assumptions were wrong.  I knew you’d eventually put me in a situation where your true intentions came to light and here you are trapping me against your kitchen counter, putting me in a very vulnerable position.”

I knew she was right but couldn’t help but lean down and try my luck.  I had gone too far and I needed to taste her, even if it meant all hell was going to break lose.  “Okay, you win, you can now say you were right,” I breathed.  I leaned closer and closer to her, bringing my hand under her chin and tilting her lips up towards me without much resistance.  “But I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy being a liar for at least a small moment when my lips touch yours,” I continued just far enough from her lips that you might have been able to place a sheet of paper between us.  Doubtful. 

My body instantly heated when I pressed up against her and the area around us combusted as our lips touched.  She instantly kissed me back, pulling me closer towards her as she ran her tongue across the crease of my lips, begging for entrance.  I opened my lips and immediately tasted the hot fudge and whip cream that lingered on her tongue.  Maybe she just always tastes this sweet.  She kissed me with a fierceness that I didn’t expect, but reveled in when I felt her begin to wrap her arms around my neck and run her fingers up into my hair.

I placed my hands flat on her back, pulling her into me, allowing me to feel the heat now radiating off her body.  The kiss was so intense that I could have sworn I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.  When I finally stepped back, I found myself having to take in a big gulp of air.

“Holy fuck,” I breathed out.

“Whoa,” she whispered at the same time, gingerly touched her lips like she was making sure they were still there.  “What was that?” she asked seriously.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think I can let you leave my house until we do that again,” I growled before abruptly wrapping my arms back around her and picking her up to carry her into my bedroom.  Instead of putting up a fight she ran her hands up under my shirt so that when I put her down on the bed she pulled my shirt up and off when I leaned down over top of her.  She quickly shimmied her way back into the center of my bed as I sent up a silent prayer of thanks that I had cleaned my room and put fresh sheets on my bed just the other day.

I crawled over top of her and didn’t let her back hit the pillows before I had her undressed from the waist up.  I positioned myself between her legs and pressed my chest against hers as we went back to kissing each other.  The only time I pulled back from her was when she accidentally pressed too hard on one of my incisions that were finally healing like it was supposed to.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” She cried. She dramatically threw her hands to either side of herself on the bed in a gesture to stop everything.

I moved over to the side so that she could see where the incisions were and said, “Now, you know where they are, please don’t be afraid to touch me,” I pleaded to her.  Before I was able to move back over top of her she sat up underneath me and I felt her lips on the incisions, like she was trying to heal them herself.  I shivered as she blew cool air over top of it before pulling me back to face her so that she could kiss my lips once more.

I felt like we were two teenagers afraid to make the next move and get completely naked because we were too busy kissing each other.  I found myself trying to relieve my painful erection by rubbing up against her crotch, enjoying the friction our clothing created.

“Joff,” she said between kisses.


“I don’t know about you, but I think we are adults and I really wouldn’t mind being completely naked with you right now…” she whined heavily into my ear.  “Just get a condom first.”

I couldn’t help but let out a laugh as I pulled back to reach into my night stand drawer.  “Sorry, but I can’t get enough of your kisses.”

“Mmm I agree,” she groaned while attempting to take off her pants.  I quickly hopped off the bed and pulled her to the edge, removing her tight capris in the process.  As much as I wanted to be inside of her, my mouth watered at the site of her snatch, nicely trimmed with a small landing strip that pointed to her glistening folds, illuminated by the dim light that shined into my room from the living room. 

“Uh huh, and what do we have here?” I questioned as I caught sight of her clit piercing.  “Does Nana know about this one?”  I laughed before I leaned in and swiped my tongue over her.  A low moan erupted from her mouth, effectively drowning out whatever response she had to my evaluation. “Yes, please Joffrey, taste me,” she pleaded.

I wrapped my hands around her thighs and draped her legs over my shoulders, opening her world to me for the taking and delving in.  I took long languid strokes with my tongue, dipping deep into her, receiving moans of satisfaction from her.  Soon I heard her breaths become shorter and the grip on my hair became stronger as I dipped my fingers deep into her, finding her core and stroking it as I lapped at her.  “Fuck, yes!” she yelled out as she convulsed on the bed, ripping at anything she could latch onto.  Within seconds I tasted the rush of her juices.

Quickly, I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down over my hips so that when I stood they fell to the floor.  I looked down to find her licking her lips and smiling as she stared at my cock in my hands.  “Is this okay?” I asked sarcastically.

“I dunno, I better make sure this fits, cause it might be too small,” she said with a wicked smile before she ripped the condom wrapper with her teeth and handed it to me, obviously still unable to put much effort into her post-orgasmic sated body.

I watched her lick her lips once more as I slid the rubber down over my length and placed my dick right by her entrance.  “Are you ready?”

“Bring it,” she said like a dirty school girl with a wicked smile.

I gasped when he pushed into me slowly, allowing my body to accept his thickness.  I felt myself spasm around him when he pushed his pubic bone against my sensitive clit, effectively hitting home.  “So does that piercing makes everything that much better?” he asked curiously, but obviously in a full state of pleasure nestled in me.

If you put my legs back up on your shoulders and press me down into the bed you will feel the full effect also,” I grinned.  He eagerly pushed me back towards the center of the bed.  He pulled a pillow over and placed it up under my hips, propping me up, allowing him to pound into me from his knees.  He quickly pushed himself back into me, causing us both to moan out in pleasure.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” he cried out and began setting a hard and heavy pace, clawing at my breasts and causing me to arch my back off the bed.  I knew by morning I’d have bruises in the shape of his hand prints around my breasts, but I didn’t care because I was being bounced up to cloud 9.  I tried keeping my eyes open enough to envy his muscular body, his defined six-pack that tapered down at right above his hip bones, his muscular thighs and defined arms that the veins were bulging out of.  I couldn’t help but focus on his tattoo of what I assumed were initials of a family member and the Canadian maple leaf that was engraved above his heart.  He was like a god and I felt like a goddess being sent into the heavens as I came underneath him.

We were both trying to catch our breath as he pulled the pillow out from underneath me, lying down next to me.  “So how was your reward on being right?” he grinned, lightly tracing his fingers over my aroused nipples and causing me to shiver.

“A lot better than a gold star,” I smiled back.  Thoughtlessly I ran my fingers over his chest, stopping where I felt his heart pounding underneath.  “Does this count as your extra workout?”

He looked down at my hand and placed his large hand over mine, capturing it as he smiled happily.  “I would think so, but of course I won’t be writing that one down in the books.  So is this how your non-dates always work out?  Because if so, I’m thinking I can plan many more non-dates with you and not have a problem with it…”

I pushed him back with my hand that was still resting on his chest, making him land on his back with an “umph,” as I quickly maneuvered myself over top of him, caging him in with my hair that had fallen out of the tie sometime during our romp.  “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” I whispered seriously unable to not look into his sky blue eyes that were sparkling with my reflection.  “In fact, I’m pretty sure I still loathe you and you promised not to bother me for a week just for going out with you tonight.  I’m thinking this adds on an extra week.”

“You can loathe me forever if this is the reaction I get from you.  You never have to say you love me, even though I would always know your secret.  As for the not seeing me for a week or two…Well let me say that you won’t want to be away from me for that long” he said trying to hide a cocky smile while attempting to push some of my hair behind my ear without much success.

“Still stuck on yourself, aren’t you?”

“I don’t think you’d want me any other way.”

I pressed my lips together and looked away; pretending to think about this thought for a moment and then looked back at him.  “You would probably be correct if I didn’t think you were better when you are inside of me.”

This got an instant reaction.  Quickly, he flipped us so that he was over top of me, capturing my nipples in his mouth and causing me to see stars once more.


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